3 Simple Tips For Frazzled, Exhausted Parents To Avoid Locking A Child In The Car

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3 Simple Tips For Frazzled, Exhausted Parents To Avoid Locking A Child In The Car

1 May 2019
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When you are a busy parent with a lot of responsibility on your plate, a lack of sleep to contend with, and a million things to remember, it is all too easy to make some pretty costly mistakes. Unfortunately for some parents, locking an infant in their car because they've forgotten they were riding along is one of those mistakes. Locksmith services will definitely help you out if you get into these situations, and locksmiths will help out strangers who alert them that a child has been locked in a vehicle. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you avoid getting in this bad situation.  

1. Keep a picture of your child on your dash or instrument panel. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a small visual reminder to help keep you focused in spite of your exhaustion or rattled nerves. Therefore, keeping a simple snapshot on your dash or instrument panel can be a gentle reminder of the precious traveler you have soundly sleeping in the backseat of your car. Likewise, it is a good idea to install a mirror that will give you an instant view of your child in the rearview mirror. These little mirrors are installed facing your little one in their rear-facing seat and aimed appropriately to give the driver a good view of the child. 

2. Download an app that will help you remember your child is with you. 

Because there have been so many instances of parents and caregivers having a bad moment and forgetting their little one in their car, there are actually apps out there meant to remind people to not leave their vehicle without their youngsters. Precious Cargo is one such app. It immediately asks you if you are traveling with a baby in tow when you get in your vehicle and will alert you when you get out. 

3. Keep something else that's important in the backseat with your little one. 

Yes, your little one is important, but just as an added measure of precaution, it never hurts to leave something back there with them when you place your infant in their car seat. For example, if you can't get in the door at work without your ID tag, leave it in the backseat. If you forget both your infant and the security badge when you get to work, you will immediately be reminded to go back to your vehicle when you can't get in the door. And if the badge is in the backseat, you will, of course, realize you've forgotten your child.

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