Why Your New Pharmacy Needs A Pharmaceutical Safe

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Why Your New Pharmacy Needs A Pharmaceutical Safe

23 March 2023
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If you've recently gotten your pharmaceutical license and are looking to open up your own pharmacy, you already know there is a long checklist of things you'll need to sort before you can open for business. When it comes to the security and compliance of your business, don't forget to invest in one or more pharmaceutical safes. Here's why this type of safe is so critical to your daily operations as a new pharmacy.

It May Be Required By Law

Does your pharmacy plan on carrying a broad range of medications including substances that are highly controlled? There are government regulations that will come into play when you are talking about controlled substances or medications. These medications may be required to remain under lock and key while they are in storage and you may have to authorize specific employees to handle these specific medications. Investing in a safe will help ensure that your pharmacy remains in compliance with the law and that you can maintain your license.

Limit Access to Specific Drugs

If you have someone working in your pharmacy as an assistant, this person may not be cleared to personally handle specific controlled substances. When you keep controlled substances under lock inside a safe, you can ensure that only people with the right qualifications or credentials will be able to handle the drugs in question. Safes designed for pharmacy use may offer a unique code for each employee or provide tracking of who is opening the safe at any given time. This can ensure that you keep your most sensitive drugs locked down and that you can keep an eye on who is accessing these medications at all times.

Prevent Theft

A pharmacy could be a target for a thief looking to steal hard-to-get medications and then sell them in an unauthorized way. Some drugs or medications may be a bigger target than others. When you keep your most sensitive, delicate, or valuable medications inside a safe, it can help prevent or deter theft. You may consider not only installing a new safe but also installing a sign that can clearly be seen by all customers informing them that controlled substances are under lockdown and cannot be accessed by all personnel or employees.

Reduce Liability

If a certain drug makes its way out into the community after being taken from your pharmacy, there may be an investigation from local authorities. If it becomes clear that you were not properly storing or securing this medication, your pharmacy could be held liable in some way if that medication or drug then caused harm to someone. Keeping controlled medications under lock and key or inside a safe will reduce your liability and boost your peace of mind.

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