Locksmiths Can Tackle Car Lockout Services For Key Systems And Keyless Entry

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Locksmiths Can Tackle Car Lockout Services For Key Systems And Keyless Entry

21 July 2023
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Whether a key is lost, misplaced, or sitting in a locked car while you stand outside, few situations provide the instant stress and sorrow of being locked out of the car in a parking lot far from home or needing car access quickly to get to work. Professional locksmiths offer a full range of car lockout services to help get you back on the road quickly and can even provide a new key or key fob for permanent use or to act as a backup when the existing keys are located. Even if your car relies on keyless entry and other emerging features, it's always a good idea to call a locksmith to determine if they can assist before moving on to other more expensive options, such as tow services, remote access to the car by a third-party service or dealership reprogramming. 

Key entry unlocks

In a car lockout emergency, a key entry system provides the easiest path to regain access to the car. For these systems, locksmiths use a slim jim or a similar tool to reach down between the weather stripping and window or the door frame and window to locate the control arm in the door panel according to The Family Handyman. When there is a control arm, the device reaches under the arm, and the locksmith pulls up to activate the locking mechanism and unlock the doors. Similarly, the device may reach down to activate a button. If the key was simply locked inside the car, you are ready to go. If the key is not available, a locksmith can create a mold and quickly shape a new key.

In some municipalities, police officers and other emergency responders may have access to these tools and unlock a vehicle in an emergency, such as when a pet or child is stuck inside, but not in standard situations. Because reaching between the window and weather stripping or door is a tight fit, it can lead to damage if a skilled professional doesn't perform the job, so municipalities avoid taking on the potential liability unless it is necessary. However, they can help you contact a locksmith if you are unfamiliar with the area. 

Key fobs and access

Standard key fobs with push-button lock access are easy to misplace, and they often fail without warning. When a fob leaves you stranded, you may think dealer service is required, but most locksmiths are as well-stocked and well-versed as dealers for keyless or hybrid entry. They can assist with a lockout by programming a replacement fob or reprogramming the locking system to accommodate a new unit. Locksmiths are also able to replace the batteries in a fob and provide troubleshooting assistance on par with a dealership. Locksmiths who are highly skilled at programming can also diagnose problems on newer lock systems designed to prevent common problems, so always check in with a local expert when your budget doesn't accommodate car dealership care.

Contact a local locksmith to deal with a car lockout.

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