Uniques Places To Hide Your Spare Keys At Home

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Uniques Places To Hide Your Spare Keys At Home

25 September 2015
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Whether you are someone that tends to lose your keys a lot or you simply want to ensure that you will never be locked out of your home, you will want to check out the following tips. After reading through the following unique places to hide your spare keys, you should never have to fear becoming locked out of your home again.  

In The Bird Bath

Most people would not think of fishing through a bird bath full of water in hopes of finding a spare key to the house. Therefore, it might be the perfect hiding place. Simply place your spare key in a plastic sandwich bag that can be properly sealed so that no water can enter the bag. This is to ensure that the key will not rust from all of the water. Then, place the key at the bottom of the bird bath dish. Cover it with stones, pebbles, or decorative marbles so that no one will be able to see it if they were to innocently glance into the bird bath. Fill the bath with water and you are done.

Under A Small Rock

Take your single spare house key and slide it into an empty prescription medication bottle and screw the lid on in place. This will provide a water tight seal to protect the key from becoming damaged. Then use an industrial strength glue to glue a small light rock to the top of the prescription bottle lid. You will need to find a rock that has more of a flat bottom so that it will lay perfectly against the lid for gluing. Once the glue has dried, use your hands or a small hand shovel to dig out a little spot in your flower garden. Place the bottle into the ground just enough so that it is completely covered, but still allowing the rock to be in plain sight.

Under A Stepping Stone

If you have stepping stones in your yard, you will want to make use of one of them for the hiding of your spare house key. Simply tuck the key away in a sealed sandwich or snack bag so that it is protected from the elements. Then lift your stepping stone and lay your key flat under it. Sure, the weight of people walking on the stepping stone may push the key into the ground a little, but that is okay. You will still be able to find it when you need it the most.

With the previously mentioned tips in mind, you should have no problem making sure that you are always going to have a key to get into the house. If you still need help getting in, contact a local locksmith, like Tri-County Locksmith.

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