4 Of The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make With On-Site Safes

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4 Of The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make With On-Site Safes

6 October 2015
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Having a safe on-site at your business can be a great way to keep cash secure between trips to the bank. However, having a safe at your business means that you will have a few extra responsibilities when it comes to store security. Here are a few of the more common mistakes business owners tend to make when it comes to their store safe.

Mistake: Not making updates with available security advances.

Why? The technology associated with safes and locks is always seeing advances.  For example, digital upgrades, such as bio-identifier mechanisms, can be made to dated combination safes to give them a greater level of security. It is always a good idea to have your safe assessed by a locksmith with regular maintenance to find out about upgrades and changes that could be available.

Mistake: Entrusting too many employees with safe information.

Why? Only a select few employees in upper management should ever have access to the safe that you have in your business. Anytime someone leaves the company that had previously been entrusted with safe information, you should contact a locksmith to make some changes, such as installing a new lock or changing the safe combination. The last thing you will want is a now outside individual still holding access information. Additionally, it is a good idea to have electronic-programmed safes reset every year to eliminate the risk of access information being vulnerable.

Mistake: Allowing customers to see money being transported to the safe.

Why? It may be necessary for you to transfer cash to the safe periodically through the day, but when this happens, customers should not know what is going on at all. Even the sight of an employee packing cash in carriers could be enough to attract unwanted attention. Your employees could be tracked and followed by people who are up to no good, trying to determine the location of the safe. Instead, you should keep the safe in your store in a location that is easily accessible by employees, but still out of sight, such as near the front-end registers.

Mistake: Not making changes after a safe has been compromised.

Why? You may think that if a perpetrator is caught after your safe has been robbed or accessed, there is no reason to make any changes. However, it is always best to make changes after there has been a security breach, whether it is moving the safe entirely or just changing locks and combinations.

Keeping your safe protected is just one level of store security that you should be tending to as a business owner. If you think that your safe is not as secure as it should be, talk to a commercial locksmith like Suburban Lock for more information about changes that could be made.

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