Stop People From Breaking Into Your Garage With The Right Locks

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Stop People From Breaking Into Your Garage With The Right Locks

19 October 2015
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If someone broke into your garage repeatedly, it may be time to have a new lock installed on the door. Hire a locksmith to do the installation for you because you need to be sure that it is done properly. Learn how a locksmith can help you with your lock needs in the guide below.

Determine How the People Are Getting Into the Garage

The first thing that the locksmith will do is inspect the garage door. He or she will look for scrapes or dents that indicate if the person used a tool to break into the garage. Knowing how the person got into the garage will help the locksmith determine how to keep him or her out in the future.

Determine if More than One Type of Lock Is Needed

Depending on how the person gained access to your garage, more than one type of lock may be needed to keep them from coming in again. The locksmith will determine if an internal and external lock or if a single lock will suit your needs. The locksmith will determine if a lock on the track of your garage door will be enough to keep unwanted individuals out or if an exterior lock that bolts to the ground will work best for your situation. An electronic, fingerprint or digital code operated lock may also be a great solution if you do not have an overly tight budget.

Handle the Installation of the Locks

Next, the locksmith will actually install the locks. You want to be sure that he or she has the space and time they need to do the installation properly. Be sure that all family members know not to open the garage door when they arrive at the home to ensure that the work the locksmith is doing is not disrupted.

Teach You How to Operate the Locks

Finally, the locksmith will teach you how to operate any of the locks that were installed on your garage. Digital or fingerprint locks may require a few more steps to operate them than traditional locks, but the locksmith will teach you everything you need to know and make sure you are comfortable operating the lock before he or she leaves.

Once you have the new locks on your garage door, you should no longer have to worry about anyone being able to gain access to your garage without your knowledge. It is important to make sure that you remember to lock the garage every time you leave it to reduce the chances of someone gaining access to everything inside of it.

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