4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Keyless Locks

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4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Keyless Locks

21 October 2015
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While the traditional pin tumbler and key system has been around for a long time, recent innovations have made keyless entry systems practical for home use. Why are these systems so appealing? Consider these 4 reasons why you should ditch the lock and key and go with a system that is more modern.

The Installation Process Is Simple

Installing a new keyless lock may be intimidating, but the installation process is similar to installing a pin tumbler and key system. It does not require special equipment aside from the hardware itself, and running electricity to the door is not even required since they are operated by batteries.

You'll Have One Less Key To Take With You

Everyone has that key ring with about a dozen keys on it, and it makes it difficult to find the key you need in certain situations. It could be trying to open your door with your hands full, or trying to identify the proper key in the dark. If you ever were to lose that key ring, you may find yourself helpless with no way to get inside your home.

Having a keyless lock system means that you just need to remember the code, or have your smart phone on you so that you can unlock your doors using an app.

Sharing Access Is Easy

If you ever need to let someone in your home, a keyless lock system makes it easier to do. You may need to do this for a pet sitter that checks in on your dog or cat while you are away, or friends and family that are staying with you and need to get in and out of your home.

Removing access is simple. Keyless locks allow you to set up temporary access codes, and remove them once they are no longer needed. Trusting someone with a key runs the risk of them making a copy, and then you can never be sure that you still have the only copy of the key

Your Home Will Be More Secure

Pin tumbler and key locks have a security flaw where they can be bumped and manipulated to open a door. It's a lock picking method that has been used since the 1920s that involves a special key that allows entry when applying the proper amount of pressure to the lock. Since keyless lock systems don't have a pin tumbler, this method of forced entry simply isn't possible.

If a keyless lock system sounds like something you want for your home, contact a locksmith in your area, such as Irvine Lock & Key, for more info.

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