Property Managers: 3 Reasons To Install Access Control Systems In Your Apartment Buildings

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Property Managers: 3 Reasons To Install Access Control Systems In Your Apartment Buildings

2 May 2016
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As a property manager, you are probably always looking for ways to make improvements to the apartment buildings that you manage. One improvement that you might not have made yet -- but that you should consider -- is installing access control systems in each of the buildings. These systems are designed so that no one can enter the building without entering the right code. Some systems even make it easy for residents to communicate with management of the building or to identify guests before allowing them into the building. If you aren't yet convinced that these are a necessity in the apartment buildings that you manage, consider these reasons to install them.

1. Reduce Security Costs

One thing that might be holding you back from installing these systems is the cost. It's true that you'll have to make a sizable investment in order to implement these systems in each of your buildings, particularly if you have multiple buildings to buy for. However, you can actually save money in the long run after making this investment. This is because a lot of your security will be automatic, so you may not have to have as many security officers present on the premises.

2. Provide Peace of Mind for Existing Residents

Tenant retention is important for any apartment complex, since dealing with vacancies, fixing up rentals in-between tenants and advertising for new tenants can be expensive. One way to keep tenants in your units is to make improvements to help keep them safe and happy, such as by installing access control systems. With these systems in place, you can help cut down on break-ins and vandalism and can give tenants peace of mind, which can help prevent them from looking for other apartments to rent.

3. Attract New Residents

When people are shopping for apartments, they often compare the features and amenities that each complex has to offer. Since most potential tenants are truly concerned about safety for themselves and their families, taking steps to keep tenants safe is a great way to attract more people to rent from your complex. By being able to bring in more tenants, you can boost profits to help pay for these systems.

As you can see, installing access control systems in all of your apartment buildings to restrict access can be a smart move. Luckily, a locksmith or security company like Midwest Lock & Security should be able to help you with the installation of these systems and can even talk to you about your options so that you can choose the right one for your complex.

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