Three Reasons Landlords With Multiple Properties Need To Hire A Locksmith

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Three Reasons Landlords With Multiple Properties Need To Hire A Locksmith

30 May 2016
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Owning residential property is a huge responsibility. It's up to you to make sure the buildings that you own are well maintained, secure, and safe. However, when you own several rental properties, it isn't always easy to keep up with everything. Small tasks, such as changing the locks on the doors when a tenant moves out or giving a locked out resident access to their home, can become daunting. Fortunately, hiring a good locksmith can help relieve some of the burden. Learn more about how hiring a locksmith benefits you.

Installing A Master Lock System

At the very least, you should consider allowing a locksmith to install a master lock system for your properties so that you don't have to keep track of several different keys. A master lock system allows you to unlock all of the doors with the master lock installed with one key. However, that doesn't mean that your tenants will have access to other homes. Master locking systems are made so that the lock opens when one of two different keys are used—the master key or the key to the specific door. So, you keep the master key—and maybe give a copy to your maintenance workers—and your tenant gets a copy of the key that goes to the property that he or she is renting. This way, you and your maintenance crew can access the residence in the event of an emergency or even let a tenant into his or her home without searching for a specific key.

Installing A Building Intercom System

If you own buildings with multiple units, you should consider hiring a locksmith to install a building intercom system. The intercom system provides an additional layer of security because visitors to the building need to be buzzed in by a tenant before they can enter. However, installing the system will benefit you because many people appreciate added protection, so chances are, your tenants will stay longer and be willing to pay slightly higher rent than they would pay in a building that isn't as secure.

Dealing With Locked Out Residents

No one enjoys being startled awake in the middle of the night so that they can let a locked out tenant into his or her home. In fact, many places charge an additional fee to residents who need to be let into their homes during non-office hours. You can take things a step further and sign a contract with a locksmith that allows them to handle any situations like these on your property. Make sure you include a clause in your lease that charges the tenant a flat fee to be let into their home—that way the locksmith's fees aren't coming to out of your pocket—and have the locksmith bill you monthly.

Ultimately, whether you want to hire a locksmith is up to you. However, hiring a locksmith to work at your properties on a regular basis benefits you financially and saves you time. 

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