Security Tips For Small Businesses

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Security Tips For Small Businesses

4 August 2016
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If you are a small business, you have a problem. You can't afford for anything to go missing or get damaged due to a break-in or theft, but you also might not have the money for a big, fancy security system. This can cause you to experience some stress financially and logistically. Here are some crucial security tips that you should follow in order to make sure that you are getting the best security for your money and that your business remains safe.

1. Set Up a System for Key Distribution

A cheap, easy way to improve security for your small business is to have a strict method of access control and key distribution. If you have physical locks and keys on the doors, make sure that you keep meticulous track of who has which keys. This will allow you to recover keys when an employee leaves the company, and will make upgrading the locks easier because you will know exactly who you need to distribute new keys to. 

If you have a keycode system, make sure that you have it programmed so that only employees who need to access certain rooms will have keycodes that will work for those locks. You can cut down on security issues just by making sure that people are only able to go where they absolutely need to go in your store.

2. Offer Rewards for Finding Shoplifters

You might not be able to afford a security system, but you can enlist your employees into helping deter theft during their normal shifts. Simply asking customers if they need any help and smiling and making eye contact can give potential shoplifters the feeling that they are being watched, therefore reducing the chances that they will actually try to steal anything. Offer rewards for anyone who provides information that leads to the apprehension of a shoplifter.

3. Be Present

Make sure that you are on the floor yourself regularly to help out and maintain your overall presence. This will help your employees feel that they are properly supported and will therefore increase their willingness to crack down on potential security threats. Have an open-door policy for employees to come to you about doubts or issues they have with the current level of security. They might be able to notice problems that you have not.

For more information, talk to a commercial locksmith like one from Scottsdale Locksmithing that specializes in helping small businesses improve their physical security. 

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