CCTV Systems: An Introduction For Business Owners

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CCTV Systems: An Introduction For Business Owners

8 November 2016
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For years, CCTV (close circuit television) systems have been used by large businesses and retailers, traffic control organizations, and other large-scale entities that have a great need for reliable security. When you initially start looking into security and surveillance systems as a business owner, you will no doubt come across the option to implement a CCTV system over a broadcast system that allows wireless connection to units. Without knowledge, you may be tempted to go with the latter security system type, but with a little insight, you will see why CCTV systems are highly praised in the security industry and by major customers. Here are a few of the most common questions business owners tend to have about CCTV security systems.

What exactly is a CCTV system anyway?

A CCTV security system is a system of security devices that are directly connected to one another in a closed-circuit fashion. Unlike wireless broadcast systems, a CCTV system is designed to only allow direct connection to devices, such as cameras, screen monitors, and recording systems. Most modern CCTV security systems are connected to a digital recording device to allow the storage of more footage instead of having the imagery directly recorded to media tapes or DVDs. 

Can hidden cameras be used with CCTV systems?

Hidden cameras can indeed be connected with a CCTV system. This offers an incredible advantage as a business owner, specifically in a retail setting where it is important to keep a close watch on customers. Hidden cameras are usually smaller than average, which means they can be placed inconspicuously where you can get the chance to capture recordings of customers without them knowing they are being watched. 

What are the advantages of implementing a CCTV system?

There are a handful of attractive benefits that come along with having a CCTV system in your place of business. First and foremost, you get a greater control over loss prevention and inventory protection. Furthermore, CCTV security systems enhance the security of your place of business for you and all of your employees in the building or on the premises. CCTV systems are also less likely to be hacked because they are on a closed-circuit network. Additionally, CCTV systems are an affordable security option in the world of business security. 

In the end, a CCTV security system could be just what you need to keep your place of business protected. If you would like to know more,talk to a security installation professional for advice 

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