Damaged Locks and How Locksmiths Can Help

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Damaged Locks and How Locksmiths Can Help

22 April 2020
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If you have a damaged lock, it can be repaired or even replaced. You can have a locksmith come out to help you tend to either of these things if you have a lock that is damaged. Different types of locks are more susceptible to different types of damage, so read on to learn more.

Cylinder Rim Locks

A cylinder rim lock is one that is mounted to the inside of your door. It will have a cylinder that goes through your door, and it is locked and unlocked from the outside with a key. One of the notable features of this type of lock is that it requires fewer holes to be drilled into the door than many other types of locks.

One thing you want to know is a cylinder rim lock comes in a Grade 2 and a Grade 3. Grade 3 is not as durable as a Grade 2. A Grade 2 is expected to last for twice as many uses as a Grade 3 lock, but once you've passed the lock's usable lifespan, the lock can become undependable and give you problems. A locksmith may be able to replace the barrel for you, so it will continue working for you for much longer.

uPVC Multipoint Door Lock

A uPVC multipoint door lock is one that is generally installed on uPVC doors. This type of lock will have multipoint locking points, and this means that all of the locks will lock with a front door key. While this type of lock may be convenient and offer security, they do have their weaknesses.

If your door is even the slightest bit out of proper alignment, then you can find that the lock will give you problems. Also, the parts inside of the locks can become weaker as the lock ages. A locksmith can come out and help to properly align your door if the door alignment is an issue. Also, they can replace the lock for you if it is giving you issues due to its age. If the door lock gets stuck, it can also take a locksmith to open the door for you.

Lever Hand Locks

Lever hand locks are locks that are built into lever handles. An issue that you can end up having is that the lock becomes worn out due to the extra stress that is put on the lever. This is especially an issue in doors that have a lot of daily use.

If you start to notice that the lock is sticking, or that you have to wiggle the key inside of the lock in order to open the door, then you want to have a locksmith come out. They may be able to fix the lock for you, or they will replace it for you. Contact the professionals at All American Locksmith if you have lock problems.

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