3 Tips to Enhance Security and Improve Access Control in Your Commercial Building

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3 Tips to Enhance Security and Improve Access Control in Your Commercial Building

30 August 2021
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Access control is vital to the success of your organization. You cannot afford to have an establishment where everyone can walk in and out of the premises whenever they wish. However, not many business owners know all the options available to them when they want to better control who interacts with their commercial spaces. If you recently experienced a security breach or just wanted to tighten the security around your premises, consider the following tips.

1. Install Automated Security Systems

Most business owners have held on to the manual security systems because they believe that a guard is better equipped to handle intruders than a machine. However, the advances that have been made in the world of artificial intelligence are massive. As a result, it is possible to have an automated security and access control system that nobody can get past unless they have the access code or key.

The professionals typically install the automated access control system close to the reception. With this setup, no unauthorized guests will make it past the reception area of your business.

2. Consider the Registration and Identification

It is also advisable to think about registration after installing the security system. You should ensure that everyone in your organization registers for the service and has their credentials checked every time they want to enter the building. After the registration, you will need systems to help you identify people.

Some of the common systems include cameras, card readers, keypads, and biometric systems. You can also get additional systems like ticket validation systems, token collectors, and people counters. Consult with professionals like experienced locksmiths about installing these systems. Expert advice will help you avoid installing systems that might not work for you.

3. Think About the Traffic

Your premises will be visited by a different number of people every hour. In the morning, most of the traffic comes from the staff when reporting for work. If you run a retail store, you can expect a high flow rate throughout the day. The flow rate is likely to be high in the evening and during the holidays.

Before installing a scanning system, ensure that it can handle your peak flow rate without breaking down. You will be gambling with your safety if it breaks down when there is high traffic.

These are simple and practical tips to manage access control on your building. To learn more, contact suppliers of commercial access control security systems.

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